• 2017 Symposium on Sustainability in Healthcare


    Gary Dunn | Executive Vice President, Business Development, Strategic Accounts

    Last week I attended the 2017 Symposium on Sustainability in Healthcare held in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that was co-hosted by Wright State University and Heapy Engineering. ESCO Communications has been a sponsor and exhibitor at this annual event for several years now. The event brings together owners, designers, builders and all forms of partners that provide services to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the south and western parts of Ohio.

    The focus of this conference has mainly been the development and advancement of sustainable building designs in the healthcare industry. Attending once again this year I found the conference interesting as usual; however, this year’s keynote speaker Dr. Nicholas LaRusso’s message rang a different tone with me. Dr. LaRusso, the former Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation who has also held many other high profile roles at Mayo, delivered his presentation titled, “The Well Living Lab™: A Partnership of Building and Health Science.” He shared with the attendees that at the Mayo Clinic the needs of the patient come first, a core value of the organization. Within this space we had a large gathering of people who work together to build magnificent state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and Dr. LaRusso was reminding us that it’s all about the patient and their needs. Everything we do should carry that primary focus – the needs of the patient come first.

    He went on to explain that this core primary value drives the mission, vision and business of the Mayo Clinic. When you think about it, this simple idea patients always come first should drive all that call the healthcare market their business. Dr. LaRusso continued his presentation by explaining the development of The Well Living Lab™, a collaboration of Delos™ and Mayo Clinic. The Well Living Lab™ is a new research facility dedicated to understanding the interaction between health, well-being and indoor environments through human-centered research. It is the belief of this group that human health and recovery can be greatly affected by the space in which care is delivered. I found the below image that Dr. LaRusso provided very powerful.

    Dr. LaRusso explained that the focus shared by the three sciences that make up The Well Building Standard™ is the center where the three circles converge – that is the patient. Our goal should be to create buildings and healthcare spaces that place health and wellness at the center of design, construction, facilities and operational decisions. Simple, yet powerful advice for all of us in the healthcare facilities industry lest we should forget – the needs of the patient come first.