• 2018 Annual Sales Meeting

    January 29, 2018
  • Every year, ESCO hosts a three-day Sales meeting to take the opportunity to reflect on the previous year, present business plans for the upcoming year, and recognize special accomplishments through an Awards presentation.

    To kick off our annual sales meeting, we started with keynote speaker and #1 International Best-Selling Author, Glenn Bill. Glenn spoke to us on the theme of attitude—not just about having a great attitude, but from the perspective of how to change your daily thinking. Glenn started off his presentation with having the team chanting, “I’m alive, I’m alert, and I feel great!

    Glenn shared that attitude is not just a one-day thing, it’s an everyday thing; it’s about living in your vision, and not living in your circumstances. His speech was filled with thought-provoking questions, and ways to think about “attitude” differently. Thank you, Glenn!

    Sales Awards Presentation

    During our annual sales meeting, we also take time to recognize our employees for special achievements. Congratulations to our award winners!

    100% Club: Congratulations to the following sales team members who reached or surpassed 100% of their 2017 sales goals!
    Ken Cox
    Gary Dunn
    Dustin Hertel
    Lisa Lambert
    Mike Lowe
    Beth Machall-Dwyer
    Chris McCarty

    Summit Award: Recognizes those who have reached or surpassed their annual sales goal three years in a row. Congrats!
    Ken Cox
    Chris McCarty

    Account Executive of the Year Award for Top Revenue Producer:
    Beth Machall-Dwyer

    Pinnacle Award: Dave Doerr
    By definition, pinnacle is the highest, most successful point – the culmination. The Pinnacle Award recipient is voted on by leadership and is based on performance, dedication, overall accomplishments, certifications, and overall value to the organization.

    “Dave Doerr does not ask for any recognition and he pretty much single handedly produced designs & estimates that resulted in almost 50% of our business in 2017. He’s a great team player that does whatever it takes to make sure our customers’ needs are taken care of.” – Mike Harmon, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

    Congratulations, Dave, and to all of our award winners!