AV Collaboration Tools in Healthcare

Beth Machall-Dwyer, Sales Executive ESCO Communications has an impressive history of creating sophisticated A/V systems for board rooms, conference rooms and instructional settings. A/V systems can consist of audio technologies such as microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital signal audio processors. Video technologies can include displays (projectors and video monitors), Blu-ray players, computer/device connections, video conferencing […]

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments: Day vs. Night

Chuck McCormick, PSP, CAHSO | ESCO Solutions Engineer Part of the methodology that I prescribe to for Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (RVA) breaks down: Objectives, Detection, Delay(s) and Event Triggers / Communications. The focus of today falls under the detection category, and even more so about lighting. Lighting is the act of igniting or illuminating […]

Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks

ESCO partner for synchronized clock systems, Sapling, recently released a new line of Wi-Fi clocks. The company’s official introduction of the new product is below. If you are interested in learning more about Sapling, or how ESCO can help update your clock systems, contact us today. Sapling is proud to introduce our newest synchronized clock […]

Paging & Intercom: Analog vs. IP

Jim Tchinski, EET, CTS, NET+, NICET | Technical Solutions Engineer What are the differences between analog and IP paging/intercom systems? First, let’s look at the differences between Intercom and Paging systems. Think of these as two different systems. Paging is a way of mass notification, usually to a large group of people; it is one-way […]

ESCO Partner Highlight | Layered Solutions, Inc.

Layered Solutions is a national emergency management solutions provider with whom ESCO has partnered to better serve our clients in the education, healthcare and commercial markets. Through this partnership, the ESCO team will be even more capable of customizing security solutions for our customers as we know that one size does not fit all. Layered […]

TekTone | ESCO’s New Partner in Healthcare Communications Solutions

ESCO has recently partnered with healthcare communications specialists, TekTone Sound & Signal to better serve our customers within the skilled nursing and assisted living market. TekTone provides a variety of systems including nurse call, wander management, tone-visual nurse call and wireless emergency call solutions. TekTone was born as a manufacturer in 1973 in Florida, opened […]

2017 Symposium on Sustainability in Healthcare

  Gary Dunn | Executive Vice President, Business Development, Strategic Accounts Last week I attended the 2017 Symposium on Sustainability in Healthcare held in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that was co-hosted by Wright State University and Heapy Engineering. ESCO Communications has been a sponsor and exhibitor at this annual event for several years now. The […]

Safety & Security Resources for Healthcare Facilities

The need for top-notch physical security in the healthcare industry is ever present in today’s society. This is evident in the letter released by the Department of Homeland Security on December 30, 2016, warning hospitals and other facilities that they are at risk of being targeted by terrorist group ISIS.  Click here to see the letter […]

Loudspeaker Demos : The Questions to Have

Kevin Watson, CTS-D | AVL Engineer – Business Development One of the best tools a sounds system designer can use is to have a demo of their intended loudspeaker in the space it will be going. But making it a worthwhile demo takes more than just putting the speaker there. System designers have various methods […]

A Closer Look at Crestron Mercury

Stephen Hill, CTS-D, Technical Solutions Engineer During my time at ESCO, I have heard no less than a million times (this number may be a bit exaggerated) that AV systems need to be simple for the end-user – our customer – to operate. As a technical person, this is sometimes difficult to get completely right. […]