• Crestron Fusion – A Safe Investment

    February 8, 2018
  • By Stephen Hill, CTS-D

    Recently, a very unfortunate event took place – the Dow plunged 1,175 points in a single day. For investors of all ages, regardless of the amount invested, this was unsettling. The lost assets made it unsettling; the future “unknowns” and “what-ifs” made it unsettling. Events like this cause investors to question their decisions and long for some type of security or peace of mind.

    In many ways, what happened on February 5th to stock investors is no different than what happens when you walk in to your boardroom (or classroom, auditorium, café, etc.), start up your audio/video system, and watch helplessly as the projector starts up, and immediately shuts down. Rather than a projector issue, perhaps the wall display comes on, but only shows a blue screen. Maybe neither of the previous examples apply, but you can relate to (insert your gut-wrenching AV scenario here). Regardless of your scenario, as someone that’s invested in AV technology, you’re watching your assets become lost; and just like everyone who lost something in the Dow drop, you begin to question your decisions and long for some type of security and peace of mind.

    Crestron FUSION is a software platform that “integrates systems and technologies that typically operate in silos, so they work together as a single system”1. This description overly simplifies what FUSION is and what it does. At its’ core, FUSION is a blank slate that does what the description above says – it allows systems and technologies that normally don’t interact, to become cohesive. For example, rather than scheduling a resource in Outlook (conference room, huddle space, etc.), using a remote or local control to turn the AV on in the scheduled space, and then having to find a help desk or support number to call if something doesn’t work, FUSION can integrate all of these things in to a single, automated function. All of the information associated with this usage will be aggregated and made available for future reporting.

    The example above is just one of literally thousands of ways FUSION can be used to streamline technology usage. However, streamlining usage does nothing to reassure the owner or end-user in the event of technology failure or (literal) asset loss. Because of FUSION’s data collection and reporting functions, you’re not left in the dark about the health or status of your AV equipment. FUSION can be setup to provide email alerts when and how often you want them: If a projector lamp reaches X hours, if a projector or display is unplugged, if a room is used during a specific time period, etc. (the list can go on). FUSION is only limited by what you want to know.

    System control, helpdesk integration, data collection, and reporting – are all part of FUSION. Additionally, FUSION will integrate with a host of scheduling / calendar software including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, CollegeNet R25 to 25Live, and many others. Fusion also allows you to “connect your BI software of choice… to generate powerful analytics and data visualizations”1. In addition, FUSION coupled with Pin-Point (see my previous blog here) provides greater data about room and equipment use which aides in forecasting technology refurbishment/expansion and can also aid in forecasting / scheduling physical building maintenance.

    Every asset is precious – whether tangible or intangible. Crestron FUSION allows you to maximize your tangible technology assets in a way that provides greater confidence and piece of mind. Additionally, FUSION provides what may be the greatest asset of all – information. Although no solution is perfect, FUSION’s control, scheduling, reporting, and monitoring functions will keep you from that helpless feeling of watching your technology assets become lost.

    1. https://www.crestron.com/Products/Featured-Solutions/Crestron-Fusion