• ESCO Goes to Notre Dame

  • Over the past year and a half, the ESCO team has been hard at work to help implement key improvements to the home of the Fighting Irish, Notre Dame Stadium. The Notre Dame Crossroads Project added about 800 thousand square feet to the stadium (that’s 12 times the size of the White House!), making it the largest building initiative in history of Notre Dame. ESCO’s contribution included stadium and concourse audio; about 120 A/V systems for classrooms, conference rooms, locker rooms, music studios, etc.; IPTV and digital signage throughout the buildings, CCTV, access control, broadcast cabling and theatrical rigging and lighting.

    To kick-off a new school year and to show off the stadium’s upgrades, Notre Dame Stadium hosted a free Open House and scrimmage on Sunday, Aug. 20, attended by a majority of the ESCO family. The Crossroads Project impacted almost each and every ESCO employee in some way, shape or form even though many of us have never set foot on campus. The Open House provided a wonderful opportunity for the team to experience a project in the same way our customer’s would — live and in action!¬†We’re all very proud and excited to have been a part of something of this magnitude and look forward to working with Notre Dame to keep their new systems in top notch condition.