• ESCO Partner Highlight | Layered Solutions, Inc.

  • Layered Solutions is a national emergency management solutions provider with whom ESCO has partnered to better serve our clients in the education, healthcare and commercial markets. Through this partnership, the ESCO team will be even more capable of customizing security solutions for our customers as we know that one size does not fit all.

    Layered Solutions offers a foundation for safety and security through software-based technology that allows fast and easy communication in emergency situations. This dynamic provider specializes in making things easy! Emergencies can be stressful for all parties involved; the Layered Solutions and ESCO teams know that automation of communication during these times can be key in reducing stress levels and acting quickly.

    Developer and founder of Layered Solutions Jerry Geis “believes in software that empowers people with simple, practical and financially viable solutions.” With Layered Solutions, you can “start small” and “build on what you already have” as the system easily integrates with door access systems, security cameras, fire alarms, phones and more. This concept is one that the ESCO team is quite familiar with; we help our customers continuously improve their communications with technology that is designed for current needs as well as future growth.

    Learn more about how Layered Solutions works in this recent video. We also encourage you to visit the Layered Solutions website where you can find case studies and other resources, blog posts and more detailed information about the organization’s solutions. You can also follow Layered solutions on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to stay in the know!