• A One-Step Solution for Mass Notification

  • A One-Step Solution for Mass Notification

    ESCO has been working within the education industry for over 50 years now.  Through the years there have been waves of technologies and/or focus of attention on certain societal occurrences.  Unfortunately, “Active Shooter” scenarios have been on the rise over the years so focus on improving reaction to these scenarios has been brought to the forefront, utilizing mass notification methods (for all security measures that can be taken, see our security expert’s page to learn more – HERE).

    In the past, schools would have taken the following steps for Active Shooter or other emergent scenarios:

    1. Push a panic button
      • This might trigger a page over the intercom system
    2. Call administrators
      • Then inform them of what is happening
    3. Call authorities
    4. As waiting for authorities:
      • Hide/protect themselves
      • Hope that all received message accordingly throughout the building/district
      • Hope that all know the proper steps to be taken
        • Do you have a substitute? Do they know what to do?

    With this approach, the time passing during an emergent situation is significantly too long.  Also, one is leaving too many variables/unknowns out to steer the outcome.

    So, what is the answer? 

    At ESCO Communications, we take a big picture approach to all we do.  This approach ensures that not only do we have the right product for a specific scenario, but also the manner in which it is installed, aimed, connected, controlled, etc.  This is a similar approach to one of ESCO’s partners, Layered Solutions, Inc (LSI).

    LSI is a communication platform that will allow for faster, more efficient method of communication through numerous avenues and systems.  The above scenario (and many others!) can be accomplished through one “trigger” to begin and complete the process

    1. Push trigger button
    Trigger button can be through the LSI app on your mobile device, it can be on your desktop, it can be a lanyard button that all faculty wear, it can be a panic button beneath your desk, a button/other alarm panel in remote areas of the building, or anything else that can simply trigger the chain of events

    From this point, all is automated. Certain triggers can set of a certain chain of events.  For example – an “Active Shooter” panic button is pushed via the mobile device application – the following could happen (ALL SIMULTANEOUSLY):
    -Authorities are notified of situation – even location that event was triggered from
    -Emails, texts, calls can be sent to all pre-established personnel automatically

    Emergency page on intercom/paging system can be on loop until deactivated

    Schools can be put on lock-down:
    This system can tie into most access control system to automate this process

    PC Pop-Up Alerts
    Pop-ups can be automated to show instructions, school building map, etc. on all network connected computers

    Display, projector, digital signage alerts automated

    The goal of this system is to 1) decrease steps required in order to get the message out to all involved and 2) decrease time from step 1 to the final step.  This system accomplishes these two goals extraordinarily well with one push of a button (or other trigger).  Let ESCO and LSI partner with you on the big picture approach to safety and emergency notification within your educational facility!

    Click here for information on Layered Solutions, Inc.