• Our Annual Sales Meeting

  • Please join us in congratulating our 2016 Sales Award recipients! We’re very proud of this team and look forward to a strong and successful 2017.

    Pinnacle Award: Lea Kogan, Administrative Assistant – Sales

    By definition, pinnacle is the highest, most successful point – the culmination. The Pinnacle Award recipient is voted on by leadership based on performance, ┬ádedication and overall accomplishments. Award winners bring true value to the sales team and to the ESCO Communications organization as a whole.

    “Lea is selfless and unassuming. She works late, never misses a deadline and always stays calm. There is no way the team could achieve what they have achieved without her support.” – Mike Harmon, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

    Account Executive of the Year: Chris McCarty, Director of Commercial & Public Accounts

    The Account Executive of the Year award is given to the sales team member who has earned to highest percent to goal. Chris surpassed his 2016 sales goal, earning not only the highest percent to his goal, but also the highest revenue amount.

    100% Club

    Congratulations to the following sales team members who reached or surpassed 100% of their 2016 sales goals!

    Chris McCarty
    Ken Cox
    Lisa Lambert
    Rick Wagner
    Jay Thomas
    Mike Lowe
    Dave Stephenson