• Patient Privacy Solution Necessary According to HCAHPS Surveys


    The Facts:
    According to the April 2017 Public Report for HCAHPS Survey Results: July 2015 to June 2016, the “Quietness of Hospital Environment” rating for a majority of hospitals in Indiana is among lowest of the bunch – worse yet, this has been true for several years!

    You can see a reports dating back to 2008 on the HCAHPS website.

    Hospitals are noisy environments by nature – pages, beeps, bed transfers. So, how do we reduce noise levels to ensure a peaceful environment for healing?

    What is Sound Masking, Charlie Brown?
    According to HCAHPS scores, patients have long been dissatisfied with noise levels, particularly at night. Rather than decreasing sound levels, hospitals have the option to cover noise with a sound masking solution.

    We’re all familiar with the “wah, wah-wah” lectures from Charlie Brown’s teacher – this is similar to the effect created by a sound masking solution. Adding low level ambient noise to a space decreases the intelligibility of speech or other distracting environmental clatter. Sound masking also enhances patient privacy and confidentiality, which helps healthcare facilities with HIPAA compliance in this area.

    Cambridge Sound Management
    ESCO partner Cambridge Sound Management (CMS) provides innovative and intelligently engineered products that are at the forefront of the industry. CMS sound masking solutions have been implemented in over 15,000 organizations worldwide. One CMS solution user, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, now ranks in the 94th percentile for quietness in the United States. Another hospital reported a “33% increase in patient satisfaction.”

    Hospitals use data collected through HCAHPS surveys to manage patient satisfaction, but what tools are used to measure and address noise levels within the facility?

    Manage Noise with Sound Monitoring
    In order to increase HCAHPS scores and improve the patient experience, hospitals need a better way to manage noise. Maintaining a quiet and peaceful environment for your patients becomes much easier when noise levels are defined and monitored.

    Knowing how loud is too loud can help your hospital staff decrease noise that is in their control such as chatter or the closing of cabinets and drawers. A Sound Monitoring solution from ESCO partner Layered Solutions allows for sound meters to be placed at nurse stations, waiting rooms and/or other highly populated areas, then send custom messaging to digital signage reminding those nearby to be quiet when noise levels are too high. Monitoring noise in specific areas helps to encourage good habits, and provides a means to find areas in need of improvement. Click here to learn more about how Sound Monitoring from Layered Solutions helped an Indiana hospital with noise management.

    Layered Solutions 
    This ESCO partner offers dynamic technology for communications in a variety of spaces. Expertly engineered solutions are designed with growth in mind, allowing users to add products and/or features to the system over time. Contact me directly to learn more about how Layered Solutions and ESCO Communications can work together to improve patient satisfaction.