Belterra Casino Resort & Spa

Based on ESCO’s recommendation Belterra Casino selected a networked fire alarm system that includes a graphic display for easy, quick response time. When an alarm is reported by the system, the computer instantly displays a floor plan of the area under alarm. This floor plan shows all fire/smoke detection devices and the device in alarm changes color to let the operator know its exact location. With this instant, clear display the resort operator can easily dispatch emergency personnel to the correct location. The operator also has control of the fire alarm system from the central computer and can silence, reset and control the fire alarm system as needed. ESCO’s service didn’t end with the installation. ESCO is on-site once a month to perform custom fire alarm testing. While on-site ESCO’s experienced staff also performs routine service to keep the system at top capacity. With this service contract Belterra can rest assured that the system is working and can be quickly programmed as needed for growth.