Indianapolis Public Schools

The largest school district in Indiana uses ESCO to provide many of their audio, video and life safety systems. Of key note are the standardized classroom audio/visual systems throughout the district.

Client Need: This project came from an RFP response we submitted to Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) in November of 2005. The project consists of ESCO installing over 100 video display projectors, audio systems, local display devices (DVD/VCR, document camera) and both a manual and software controlled interface for the complete bundle of devices to form a complete system.

ESCO Solution: In essence the system(s) is a projection/audio system for use with computer image, DVD/VCR or document camera and accompanying audio signal from these devices if present. All inputs may be controlled manually by using a remote control or buttons on the front of the unit. The second method of control is via a software interface provided by the Dukane A/V company called ConVA. There is also an administrative part of the software that lets a system administrator monitor individual system user activity, and control and monitor all of the projectors remotely. The complete software solution including the software control and ESCO performance history are key factors of why IPS selected ESCO as the provider of choice on this project.