ESCO Communications has formed an invaluable relationship with Lumina Foundation over the past few years by providing excellent solutions for all of their communication needs. When Lumina wanted to build a new convening center it was ESCO Communications who was awarded the task. ESCO was the immediately chosen, because over the years ESCO had provided unbeatable support and service to Lumina. There was no question in Lumina’s mind that ESCO would be the integrator of choice to engineer, design, and execute the most advanced convening center.

From before the project’s conception to the final piece being installed ESCO was there, working through all of the obstacles and will continue to provide service for Lumina.
The convening center consists of six rooms all with cutting edge technology used to facilitate learning and communications to all of Luminas associates and clients. From LCD flat panels and projectors to complex wireless control systems all six rooms work seamlessly together to achieve interactive training and video conferencing sessions. Since the completion of the project, Lumina reports all of the rooms are constantly booked solid. Their feedback has also been that all of their users are impressed and satisfied with the ease of interaction with the system.