North Miami Community Schools

In summer of 2013, North Miami Community Schools in Denver, Ind. invited ESCO Communications to participate in an RFP (request for proposal) process to rebuild the district’s network infrastructure and expand their wireless network. The school district was to begin moving towards 1:1 wireless computing and projected the use of 1,100 new iPads, 500 wireless computers, and the ability for BYOD (bring your own device.)

They had been using a network that consisted of an HP wireless system, HP switches, and fiber between the 4 buildings. Under this system there was no VLAN to segment various traffic, which was a problem that would grow as more devices were added to their network.

In order to update their network, North Miami Community Schools evaluated contractors based upon several factors including:

  • System design
  • Implementation Approach
  • Contractor’s Certifications/Credentials
  • Contractor’s experience with similar projects in the school/education market
  • Pricing

ESCO proposed practical system management and a day-to-day reliability imperative to an educational institution with limited technology personnel. Our proposal was accepted based on ESCO’s expertise, capabilities, creativity of design and credentials.

As primary contractor for this project, ESCO completed a design/build network infrastructure with high capacity wireless connectivity and VLAN segmentation. ESCO provided the switches, routers and network electronics that built the connection. There is a 10 gigabyte backbone between each switch, which provides more bandwidth to the end users. This expansion of bandwidth will allow North Miami Schools to effectively and efficiently progress forward with a 1:1 iPad initiative.

All products used to complete this project were by HP. HP has a strong reputation of success in the school market, and produces high-quality equipment with limited lifetime warranty. HP products were also chosen for this project due to the school staffs’ familiarity with the brand. ESCO Communications is an HP Business Partner with HP certified technicians and engineers.

The design and implementation of this network plays a critical role in the execution of programs to increase student achievement. Since the initial completion of the network infrastructure, ESCO Communications has continued to work closely with the school district to support the network, and ensure that the solution provided is performing as expected, and meeting the needs of the students, faculty and staff.