St. Rita’s Center for Continuing Education: Annual Robotic Surgery Symposium


St. Rita’s Center for Continuing Education, a division of St. Rita’s Medical Center, recently hosted its Annual Robotic Surgery Symposium. Robotic surgery has become a safe and useful way to perform different types of procedures with more flexibility, precision and control than traditional surgery. The symposium allowed healthcare professionals to sit-in on a live robot-assisted surgery via video conference, and provided means for them to ask questions of the doctor performing the surgery.

In the past, St. Rita’s partnered with a third party to set up a video feed between the robot and the conference room where students would be viewing the procedure. For this year’s symposium, St. Rita’s reached out to ESCO Communications to help with the tools necessary for this unique video conference. Working with ESCO has allowed St. Rita’s to install permanent equipment that can be used at their convenience. While the surgery video for this year was viewed in a standard 2D format, the ESCO team has implemented technology that is capable of transmitting and receiving 3D video – a feature that was not available through St. Rita’s previously used third party.

This new and exciting way to use video conferencing has truly enhanced the continued education practices at St. Rita’s. We’re looking forward to next year’s 3D event – stay tuned for updates!