Case Study: Citizens Thermal

Case Study Citizens Energy Group ( headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana is a utility service company distributing natural gas, water and wastewater services to more than 1 million customers and operating one of the nation’s largest district steam and chilled water-cooling systems — known as Citizens Thermal Citizens Thermal was in need of providing a reliable emergency paging system capable of being intelligibly heard over high-noise facility operations and with the ability to create messaging at a main facility and then broadcast to ve remote facilities in real time. Initial research conducted by Citizens Thermal did not immediately uncover a viable and cost effective public announcement system provider. A previously successful and trusted working relationship prompted Citizens Thermal to contact ESCO Communications for project scope and review and recommendations on a comprehensive system solution. Crucial to the search for a trusted project partnership, was to ensure that the system— utilized for emergency announcements including evacuation, medical, hazardous chemical, re and conned space alarm alerts — be intelligible, adaptable and within a stringent budget allowing sound alert coverage at multiple facilities. Ambient noise levels ranged from 80- to 90-decibel range and would have to overcome sound protection required of workers in specic and select areas of the facilities. ESCO Communications was asked to take a walking tour of the multiple facilities to provide experienced insight as to the viability and scope of the project and to provide a project-based solution plan of action. The project, which began to take on a design-build format and approach, was ultimately awarded to ESCO Communications based on their abundance of large venue public address system knowledge and ability to also provide site-specic drawings. Client: Indianapolis, Indiana-based utility service company Challenge: Securing a tested and reliable public address system capable of multi-facility adaptation for safety and evacuation announcements. Solution:  Initiate a project review and create a viable sound solution  Provide initial drawings including speaker placement and decibel testing in order to maximize intelligibility  Successfully install, program, test and maintain service of the adaptable and multi-facility integrated system Results:  Developed a trusted line of communication utilized to maximize project management goals and became a trusted advisor for future projects  Met project budgetary restrictions  Successful project collaboration resulting in a continuation of an ongoing working relationshipA broad-based utility service company sought a tested and reliable public address system capable of multi-facility adaptation and utilized for safety and evacuation announcements. ESCO Communications — With ofces in Indianapolis, Richmond/Dayton, Fort Wayne and South Bend — 800-613-3726 “This project took on a design- build approach. I trusted ESCO’s knowledge base and experience to provide a cost-effective yet sound solution for Citizens Thermal that would allow us to communicate intelligibly and in real time any emergency or alert information that we needed to get out to our remote facilities,” said Jason Dillon, Engineering Project Manager for Citizens Thermal. “We haven’t had to make any announcements of that type since the project was completed in late 2013, but I completely trust that the system will do its job when needed.” ESCO Communication’s initial project review and walk through of the main and remote-site facilities provided the ESCO team with the information necessary to provide detailed drawings of recommended speaker placement in each of the facilities, in addition to arriving at appropriate decibel sound levels for maximized sound alert coverage. This solution required intelligible communication to reach a 150,000 square-foot distribution among the ve Citizens Thermal building sites and to overcome challenges of placement of the system around existing machinery. Citizens Thermal also required the ability for the system to be adaptable so that should future budgetary allowances be available for system enhancements that those could be made with easy transition and still maintain the integrity of the initial system. The initial installation provided for one centrally located speaker, placed to maximize coverage, at each facility. The messaging would originate at the main facility and then disseminate to the remote sites. As adaptability was a focus, messaging capacity is unlimited and is able to be edited at will. Of utmost importance to both Citizens Thermal and ESCO Communication was the ability of the system to self-test on a weekly basis and its modular capacity, allowing for the addition of other remote facility sites in the future. As a respected and now trusted advisor, ESCO Communications was able to provide a budget conscience solution for Citizens Thermal allowing for peace-of-mind regarding the timely information sharing of emergency and alert information with those either manned or temporarily working onsite at their remote facilities. The system’s modular adaptability and sound coverage in a high-noise facility has provided Citizens Thermal with the ability to share information in real time. Ongoing conversations for graphic enhancements and additional facility equipment needs continue to strengthen the Citizens Thermal and ESCO Communications partnership. ESCO Communications — With ofces in Indianapolis, Richmond/Dayton, Fort Wayne and South Bend — 800-613-3726