Case Study: Taylor University

Case Study THE CLIENT Taylor University (, located in Upland, Indiana is an interdenominational liberal arts University of evangelical faith where students study in an intentional Christian community where they are challenged to integrate their faith and learning in an environment of relentless spiritual and intellectual discover. THE CHALLENGE During the new-construction building phase of Taylor University’s $41.4 million Euler Science Complex, the project team and budget manager were tasked with selecting a qualied and respected communication systems integrator with input consideration from both a media services group and a classroom technology group. Euler Science Complex’s technology requirements and needs were broken down into three specic domains: open spaces, classrooms, and networking infrastructure. The classroom portion included securing a vendor who could provide the integration of individual customized solutions for over 30 unique classrooms. In the initial design of the Euler Science Complex project, the classroom group specied an analog technology solution for the project and received all of the technology plans were reviewed by the construction team, and the university made the decision to invest in a more state-of-the-art digital implementation, understanding the approaching obsolescence and the life cycle of analog audiovisual technology. Crucial to the search for a system integration partner that could deliver and implement a digital system solution were the focus on the building’s unique individual classroom needs, and the complexity of integration and implementation specications. It was important to the university that the classroom technology would be easy to use by faculty as well as showcase the science capabilities of the new building. Client: Indiana-based, private, liberal arts University Challenge: Securing a digital communication integration specialist for customized solutions Solution:  Create and offer an analog to digital project scope recommendation  Research customized classroom specications and formulate an overall installation plan of action  Successfully install, program and maintain service of the integrated system Results:  Developed a trusted line of communication utilized to maximize project management goals and became a trusted, reliable vendor partner  Streamlined information ow of a myriad of complex solution specications making installation smooth and customer satisfaction tantamount  Successful project collaboration resulting in a continuation of an ongoing working relationshipPrivate, liberal arts University sought communication technology integration partner for comprehensive communication system evaluation, recommendation and implementation within new building construction. ESCO Communications — With ofces in Indianapolis, Richmond/Dayton, Fort Wayne and South Bend — 800-613-3726 “ESCO has been with us every step of the way during this installation process. Their attention to the custom details of this project created a trusted advisor relationship and we continue our relationship by moving on to the communication integration in phase two of the science complex and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership,” said Taylor University Chief Information Ofcer Rob Linehan. THE ESCO SOLUTION Taylor University began the process of seeking to partner with a communication integration specialist in early 2011 after specications changed from the original contracted requests for an analog system integration solutions had morphed to a digital technology package. At the forefront of system integrators that could provide the customization and attention to detail the Euler Science Complex project would require, stood ESCO Communications. The original solution response provided by ESCO for installation of an analog integrated system for the new complex was re-worked and a comprehensive digital implementation system contract was awarded to ESCO. After a six to nine month continuous stream of information sharing and face-toface meetings regarding the custom needs for over 30 individual classrooms and public- area spaces, ESCO formalized its implementation plan and began installation of the Creston digital integration system in early 2012. Top-of-mind for ESCO was creating an atmosphere of knowledgeable customer service throughout the entire project’s lifespan that addressed the satisfaction of not only the Taylor University project management team but the end-user classroom faculty staff as well. ESCO was able to comprehend and package the myriad of custom classroom requests and created six customized classroom options for the Euler Science Complex as a whole. The Creston digital solution allowed independent classrooms with projector or projectors to operate together or independently, choose speaker systems, modify a podium presentation or use input from the standard PC to a student’s laptop, digital camera, etc., via a master control panel. As one of the most custom-specied buildings on Taylor University’s campus, ESCO was able to respond to specication changes smoothly and recommend and install an integrated communication system solution followed by system programming and end-user training. ESCO remained “on call” for Taylor University for an entire year after the completion of the initial phase of the science complex and were available for trouble-shooting any programming or system concerns. THE RESULTS As a result of a successful collaboration, Taylor University is again partnering with ESCO for communication solutions to complete unnished spaces in the Euler Science Complex. The University’s education department will move in fall of 2013 to space in the basement of the complex and ESCO is on board to install the same digital systems previously used and tested in the rst phase of the completed complex. Throughout the building process, ESCO has become a trusted communication integration advisor and partner will continue to collaborate with Taylor University and the Euler Science Complex’s needs through an ongoing support contract for service through the upcoming scal year. ESCO Communications — With ofces in Indianapolis, Richmond/Dayton, Fort Wayne and South Bend — 800-613-3726