• Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks

  • ESCO partner for synchronized clock systems, Sapling, recently released a new line of Wi-Fi clocks. The company’s official introduction of the new product is below. If you are interested in learning more about Sapling, or how ESCO can help update your clock systems, contact us today.

    Sapling is proud to introduce our newest synchronized clock system – Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks. The Sapling Wi-Fi Clock System seamlessly interfaces with a facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, eliminating the need for a master clock and running wires between clocks. In addition, this new line offers versatile installation solutions and features.

    Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks Highlights:

    • Preprogrammed with third-party NTP server web addresses, in each clock, as their accurate time source
    • Programmable to receive the time from an in-house NTP server
    • NTP Server Synchronization Redundancy – Taking time data from multiple NTP servers
    • Built-in web interface in each clock for flexible setup and monitoring from any facility computer or mobile device (such as a smart phone or tablet)
    • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments
    • Available in different power options:
      • 24 Volts
      • 110 Volts
      • 230 Volts
      • Battery-operated (Analog Wi-Fi Clocks only)
    • Ability to interface with a facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
    • Available in different sizes with many design styles and options to choose from!
    • UL Listed

    Wi-Fi clocks are a perfect fit for projects ranging from just a few clocks to many clocks across the facility. They are also an ideal solution for multi-building campus environments already utilizing existing Wi-Fi infrastructure; the applications are endless!