Security in Schools

ESCO Communications understands that the safety and security of your students is a number one priority. It is the duty of educators to ensure the safety of students from the moment they leave the care of a parent – in loco parentis. Now more than ever, it is the obligation of us all to be absolutely confident in the measures we are taking to prevent risk and liability.

For over 50 years ESCO has provided Indiana schools with top-notch security consultation and system solutions including video surveillance (CCTV), access control and emergency communication. We know that budgets are tight, as do the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) and the Security Industry Association (SIA), who have recently released a set of guidelines for school security to help the education sector allocate security dollars in the best way possible.

The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) is a group comprised of volunteer members from the NSCA and the SIA. This group has developed a nationally recognized overview of K-12 school safety and security guidelines to prioritize and organize the preventative measures schools should take in creating a safety plan. PASS takes a tiered/layered approach to safety and security, prioritizing and organizing how one should view the security of a school. It includes instructive information in regard to risk management, emergency procedure and video surveillance, and is a great starting point to confirm and develop a strategic plan. Click here to learn more about PASS.

Security Assessment
The best way to ensure that these guidelines are applied to your school’s specific circumstances is to conduct an on-site, consultative security assessment with a safety and security expert. ESCO Communications offers an in-depth security assessment tailored for your school that includes supplemental research, an on-site walk-through and more. Our expertise will expose areas of concern that may be specific to your school, community or geographic location. Measuring and evaluating risk in through this process may also help to reduce liability in the event that a security plan has not yet been established in its entirety. Click here to download a Security Assessment informational flyer.


Our schools should be a place of learning and growth, absent of all threats
and risk, but this is not the reality we live in. While we cannot eliminate all potential dangers our children face, we can do our best.

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