WHAT WE DOFire Systems

Protecting your staff, clientele, and property is a very vital undertaking. ESCO Communications provides you with peace of mind, because we install Fire Systems that protect your facility and assets. Whether you are in need of a single panel system or a larger complex multi-panel network, we are the company to provide this. We have years of experience with Fire Systems, and we can ensure that our staff is able to develop and install any system you might need.

270-spo-215x300ESCO Communications supply a diverse assembly of fire alarm solutions with the UTC/Edwards Fire Alarm Systems. Each of the systems provided are modular life safety system that are uniquely designed with the ability to meet the needs of any facility.

Fire Alarm: There are many different types of fires and that’s why UTC/Edwards provides multi-sensor detector technology. Not only does it reduce false alarms it “knows” when to sound the alarm based on constant monitoring of several different environmental parameters. It’s a high-tech solution that doesn’t require a high price tag. It’s designed to save installation and maintenance costs and can completely replace an outdated system – without changing the existing wiring. Whether your system needs distributed intelligence, voice evacuation, rated interactive site maps, context-sensitive instructions, integration with access control and video surveillance systems.
ESCO Communications will provide a cost-effective solution for the best life and property protection systems, no matter the size of your facility.

Need to have your Fire System inspected? Click here to contact us, and we will schedule a time to come and perform your inspection. Whether we installed your system or not, we have the tools and knowledge to provide your next inspection.