WHAT WE DOHealthcare Systems

Specializing in meeting our client’s individual needs has been a craft that we have perfected in the many years we have been in business. ESCO Communications has worked with numerous healthcare facilities throughout Indiana. Whether it is for acute care, long-term care, assisted living facilities, outpatient care centers, retirement communities, or physician’s offices we provide a variety of systems that enhance the facility’s technologies.
Within the Healthcare market, ESCO Communications has developed solutions for a multitude of systems including communications, audio, video, security, life safety and network services. Our experience in the Healthcare field makes us certain that we will be able to provide exceptional products, systems, and services that will exceed your expectations.

Here are some of the Healthcare Solutions we can provide:
• Hill-Rom Business Partner for Nurse/Patient Communication Technologies featuring: NaviCare Platform for Clinical Connectivity, Patient Safety, and Patient Flow.
Hill-RomWireless Communication Devices
• Interactive Voice Response
• Clinical and Staff Training & Development
• Patient/Resident Communication and Notification
• Activity Reporting and Management System (HL7 Compliant)
• Automated Alerting System
• ID Badging and Locating for Staff and Devices
• Guest ID Badging
• Infant Security/Abduction
• Wanderer Monitoring
• Digital Presentation/Display Devices (Monitors, Flat Panel and Projection)
• Digital Signage and Video Streaming
More information on the Hill-Rom products we provide:
• NaviCare Platform for Clinical Connectivity brochure.
• IT Platform Built From the Ground Up for Clinical Connectivity brochure.
• More information, not more buttons brochure.
• Never miss a call brochure.
• Improve patient safety brochure.
• Clear, accurate communication brochure.
• Hill-Rom 5 year warranty brochure.

We realize that voice, video, audio, and data applications aren’t just the hospital’s lifeline; they’re your patients’ lifeline. To see what ESCO Communications can do for you contact us here.