WHAT WE DONetwork Systems

ESCO Communications specializes in designing, installing, and servicing complete communication and data packages. These services include local, wide area, and wireless data and voice networks. So whether your network is in one location, or it is more complex and spread across the country, ESCO Communications is equipped with the tools and knowledge to assist your needs. We have the skills to connect networks whether new or old, and get all of your communication and data equipment communicating to each other.

ESCO Communications provides Network Solutions for a range of services including:

• Installation, testing, assessment and consulting on Local and Wide Area Networks
• Servers: installation, support and migration projects (Windows, Linux)
• Internet services (mail, web, DNS, etc)
• Network electronics (HP, Cisco, Adtran Systems)
• LAN and WAN transport of Voice and Video and Video conferencing
• IP Readiness Assessments
• Wireless Assessments
• Network Vulnerability Analysis
• Network Security including Firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
• Networked applications in Video Surveillance, Card Access, Audio and more

Contact ESCO Communications to see how we can help create or perfect your Network System.