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Safety of Personnel & Property Is One of Your Top Priorities – Ours Too.

Understanding the individual security needs of our clients is what allows ESCO Communications to provide security systems that are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. At ESCO Communications, we recognize the importance of keeping your staff, clients, and property safe. This is why we offer leading edge security technology. These security technologies allow us to provide our customers with a wide range of security solutions, from iris recognition access control to behavioral video recognition.

These are a few of the many security solutions we offer:camera

  • Video Surveillance – Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV): Closed-Circuit Television can play a key role in the monitoring all areas of a property. ESCO Communication provides several CCTV solutions that range from monitoring a single building to monitoring entire campuses. We can integrate the latest monitoring technologies such as digital content management transporting video over IP networks. New technology advancements in the area of video analytics take video surveillance to a new realm of preventive vs. reactive status in security. We also include digital and network recording and archival options. The added benefit of IP cameras and controls – allowing remote provides 24/7 access to your video system.
  • Access Control/Card Access: ESCO provides flexible, powerful, and easy to administer access systems. This allows you to control the access for a single building or a campus-wide network. Individual access may be user-defined with software controls to tailor the system to your exact security needs. Card access can give you security management from basic security to proximity readers. It can be provided through biometrics, fingerprint and retinal scans. This system can also be connected to a network that interfaces with the fire alarm to open doors in an emergency.
  • ID Badges: Identification cards are a key aspect of many security and card access systems. These badges can also be integrated with point-of-sale for cafeterias, parking facilities, and time and attendance systems. We can work with you to create a digital imaging system that meets your needs and works with your current system.
  • Personnel/Asset Locators: RFID location tags are a key aspect of any security system requiring the most basic need to track assets in your system to the more critical need of monitoring and protecting your staff in a crisis. Using a simple tag or key fob we can integrate this added layer of protection with your CCTV system to monitor people as they move from zone to zone.

ESCO Communications has a proven track record of developing solutions to understanding and solving our customers’ security challenges. Let us apply that expertise for you.