WHAT WE DOSound Reinforcement Systems

soundreinforcementThrough our years in the industry, ESCO Communications has developed knowledge and skills that allow us to provide the latest and most effective technology available to meet your company’s sound reinforcement needs. No space is too small or too large; we have the skills and equipment to accommodate everything from small offices to large venues and campuses.

Here are some of the sound reinforcement ystems we can develop:

Intercom and Paging Systems
• Paging: Wired, wireless, VoIP, automated and networked controlled paging solutions. Our system designs can cover large industrial facilities to school building intercoms. Paging systems can be linked to your telephone or speech privacy systems or work as stand alone systems.
• Intercom: Allows you to communicate directly with a single location, zone area or all locations and allows for two-way instant voice communication with targeted locations without the dependence of a telephone device.

Mass Notification Systems
In multi-building facilities, large buildings, and campus environments, having a notification system that reaches all areas is imperative. We can provide live and automated paging which allows a text and/or voice message to reach all targeted audiences. Often used in emergencies, mass notification systems provide instant instruction and information to a large facility. These systems can be programmed to your specifications to reach your intended audience by voice or text announcements, including emergency tones, to provide clear evacuation and procedure directions in the event of:
• Chemical Spills
• Toxic Gas Releases
• Armed and/or Dangerous Intruders
• Tornadoes/Natural Disasters
• Fire

To see what ESCO Communications can do to assist your facility with its Sound Reinforcement needs, contact us.