• The Journey Continues and oh by the way, Happy New Year!

  • Chip Roth, Owner and President

    I was asked to write an end of year message to share with my coworkers and our customers and for the longest time could not think of anything profound to say.  The thoughts that came to mind would be the same message shared at Thanksgiving and Christmas about giving thanks to all the great people I’m blessed to work with and all the people that entrust us to provide them communication solutions.  These communication solutions often times are involved in life safety and other mission critical functions that serve our customers and also their customers that requires 24/7 service in the event of emergencies.  So, this is a trust we take very seriously and I am proud of the entire ESCO team to make often times miracles happen in difficult situations.  So again, I couldn’t be more thankful to be so blessed with such a fine, dedicated, outstanding group of professionals who are also very good human beings.

    But, that was not what I was tasked with writing.  I am tasked with writing an end of year message and this is where, at first, I went blank.  Okay, I get it, it’s a New Year on January 1 and we all celebrate with a holiday, fireworks, toasts, and often times resolutions for the New Year.  Isn’t January 1 really just another day on the calendar?  It’s 24 hours long just like every other day.

    I would like to think we are on an incredible journey at ESCO and for that matter, life itself.  We continue going forward in good times and bad times, life is a journey just as we are on a journey at ESCO.  No matter what happens we stay true to our core values of Integrity, Knowledge, Quality, Improvement, Accountability, and Community Involvement.   It’s truly our values and our culture that allows our ESCO family to grow and be a vibrant part of the world around us.

    Technology continues to rapidly evolve and most of our systems are continually becoming part of the information technology and data network.  Healthcare systems tie into medical record systems and wireless notification systems.  Audio and video systems are part of the data network and infrastructure.  It’s exciting to see display technology continue to change and improve.  The Internet of Things is affecting more and more of what we do.  One thing is constant and that is that change is always going to be part of our journey and continues to evolve at a faster pace.

    So yes, life is a journey not a destination and I am truly enjoying the ride.  Let’s continue to enjoy this and work together to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.   I am not in any hurry to reach the destination, the journey is too exciting.

    Happy New Year and wishing everyone peace and good health now and always.