• Efficiencies in the Workplace

    July 31, 2018
  • Both personally and professionally, there are ways to make life more simple and more efficient. Some may view this as “lazy” but instead it can be smart and effective.  From an update in technology at home, to inquiring about new technology at the workplace to make daily life go more smoothly and efficiently, the end-goal of seeking these type of upgrades comes down to improving efficiency.

    Whether one uses a Microsoft Surface Pro that can be utilized while walking around with customer while annotating notes, sitting at a desk docked into monitors for longer periods, or taking advantage of Salesforce’s mobile applications to quickly track all customer interaction with the push of a button – the goal is about accomplishing more while doing less.

    Today’s technology is exceptional in so many ways. However, it can be cumbersome if not utilized effectively and in a manner in which the complete set of end users are able to use easily.  At ESCO, we seek to provide a quite complex (when necessary) system with simple interfaces (see previous article here for more in-depth perspective on this topic).  Here are methods/system we utilize to improve efficiencies for our customers:

    • Automation
      • Room sensors to turn on digital signage, room AV equipment or lights
      • Room Schedulers to turn on system ahead of meetings
    • AV Controls
      • Customized AV controls will allow end users to adjust an entire system with a push of a button – “Videoconferencing Mode” might dim lights in front, turn on video wall, bring up video conferencing input, set cameras to a certain location and more
    • Customizable Integration
      • With systems like Layered Solutions (see further information here), and others, ESCO is able to integrate with many systems to expedite end user’s processes. An Active Shooter scenario may occur – with this system, an end user can push one mobile application button and trigger numerous events, including automated paging, authorities called, PC-Pop ups, texts/emails to all necessary personnel, lock doors down, and more!
    • Students in the hallway
      • Through synchronized clocks, schools can ensure all clocks are consistent and accurate. With these systems, schools can even provide a countdown feature to notify students of the impending class start time. Teachers can rest assured students have no excuses (or, at least good ones) and classes can begin on time

    Through the above systems/approaches, ESCO has built efficiencies for customers over the course of decades. Allowing end users to focus on their more focused tasks and not wasting time (MONEY) on duplicated and redundant technology.

    What efficiencies do you utilize within your workplace? How can ESCO assist in finding the right technology to automate processes and allow you to better utilize your time and energies? Contact us or let us know through  the form below!