• ESCO Contributes to Notre Dame’s Campus Crossroads Project


    Adding over 800,000 square feet to a pre-existing stadium is no minor task. The University of Notre Dame’s Campus Crossroads project did just that, making it the university’s largest building initiative in history. Over the course of a year and a half, ESCO Communications contributed to the massive expansion to help make the stadium a year-round hub for both academic and student life, a primary initiative of Notre Dame.

    ESCO Communications contributions included stadium and concourse audio, as well as nearly 120 AV systems that are being utilized for classrooms, conference rooms, locker rooms, and music rooms. ESCO also contributed IPTV, digital signage throughout the stadium, CCTV, access control, broadcast cabling, and theatrical rigging and lighting.

    Derrick Hall, Project Manager for ESCO shares, “IPTV allows digital signage, emergency alerts, and broadcast TV to be housed within one central hub. This one solution allows flexibility to any user across the entire stadium, which supports the initial mission of the expansion.”

    ESCO Communications worked very closely with Barton Malow, the Design-Builder selected for the Campus Crossroads project. Neal Morton, Vice President of Barton Malow shared, “Working with ESCO Communications was a well-planned and well-delivered experience. ESCO provided value-engineering options that were forward-thinking in design and respectful of the project budget.” Morton added, “Not only did we work collectively on multiple complex systems, but ESCO was able to provide uniquely- qualified staff on systems critical to the UND Campus Crossroads project.”

    The Campus Crossroads project was substantially complete in the Fall of 2017.

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