• ESCO Celebrates Being Named One of the Best Places to Work

    May 14, 2018
  • By: Mike Harmon, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

    Earlier this year we were notified that ESCO Communications had been selected as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for 2018.  We were extremely excited for this great recognition. (Best Places to Work in Indiana is an exciting initiative dedicated to identifying and recognizing Indiana’s best employers.)

    The ESCO family has always believed we were one of the Best Places to Work—and not just in Indiana! At ESCO, people who come here, stay here. Not only do we have an average tenure of 12 years, but we also have several employees that have been with the ESCO Team for more than 30 years. One team member in particular just celebrated their 45th anniversary here, which is remarkable.

    ESCO’s Leadership team placed priority on applying for this program a few years ago. We had several reasons for why we wanted to take this on, but ultimately our primary goal was to learn what our employees think about ESCO and learn more about their experience working here. Furthermore, we wanted to take the data results to improve the experience of being part of the ESCO team. Another goal was to ensure our employees were engaged and satisfied with their work. The recent economy had made it difficult to recruit and hire new staff and we could not afford to lose any of our wonderful employees as our work-load continued to increase. In addition to successfully being named one of the Best Places to Work, the designation has become a valuable tool in attracting new talent to ESCO.

    Applying for the Best Places to Work in Indiana involves a lengthy application followed by an employee survey.  The first time we submitted, we were not successful in winning the designation of being named one of the Best Places to Work. However, we took the data from the surveys and over the next several months we started to work on the areas we scored the lowest.  We decided to reapply again at the end of 2017, and this time we were successful!

    One part of this designation serves as a validation to our team that we are one of the Best Places to Work! It’s also an incredible tool for ESCO to be able to recruit new talent as we continue to grow our business. But most of all, I believe we have learned that this recognition was not a destination or an end game, but just the beginning of our journey to continuously improve for our employees. For ESCO to continue to compete, we have to not only be the best at what we do for our customers, but internally, we have to be the best we can be for our employees.

    The data we received from the surveys has helped us to develop new programs as well make some other changes that will make ESCO an even better place to work.   Before we applied for Best Places to Work, we could only guess, or assume we knew what our employees felt about the wide array of topics covered in the survey.  Now we have actionable data that we can monitor and measure our progress in how we are doing with our employees.

    How we work as a society is continually evolving.  With the addition of the Millennial’s and Generation Z’s added to the workforce, we have to be able to provide an environment that is attractive and provide a culture that allows them to feel engaged and fulfilled. The only way we can do this is by being connected to our team, providing avenues of open communication to stay connected. We want to learn what they need to feel not only engaged, but also fulfilled in the work they are doing at ESCO.

    In closing, the reason I believe ESCO is one of the Best Places to Work is simply because of all of the talented, dedicated employees that are committed to solving problems and delivering solutions for our customers. The ESCO Team has always thought we were one of the Best Places to Work, and now thanks to the program, we have received the formal designation!

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