• 45 Years and Counting: Mike Lowe, ESCO’s Most Tenured Employee

  • Mike Lowe, Vice President for Commercial Sales, sits in his office –surrounded by drawings, endless ideas on his whiteboard, and a framed picture of Lucas Oil Stadium, one of the largest projects he’s been involved with at ESCO. For most people, 45 years can be considered half a lifetime. For Mike Lowe, he has dedicated this time to one company: ESCO Communications.

    Mike started as a technician when the company only had a few employees and spent about 15- years learning all there was to know in that role. He remembers when ESCO (Electrical Systems Company at the time), started getting into the Education Market. Mike shares, “We were one of the leading providers for Smart System, a
    technology that was cutting edge for teachers at the time. This was when we really started to get on the map.”

    Mike credits ESCO’s growth to good decisions and the commitment to the right choice. “John Roth Sr., President of Electrical Systems at the time, instilled integrity into all of his employees, and this is a quality that ESCO still takes pride in today.”

    As for what ESCO can offer today, Mike shares, “I’m amazed at the different things we can do. If someone asks for something new, we still can figure out a way to do it. We know how to integrate really well and know the value of things working together, seamlessly.”

    Mike adds, “Being able to creatively help solve a problem is one of the best parts of my job. That, and the people I work with. We truly have
    quality people and we are like family.”

    On being named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana, Mike shares, “I’m proud to work at ESCO Communications. ESCO’s good choices and value in integrity led by John Sr. and Chip Roth, has allowed me to stay here for 45 years, which is something I’ll always be grateful for.”

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