• NFPA: Six Reasons To Test & Inspect Your Fire Alarm Systems Regularly

  • The safety of staff, customers, students, visitors, etc. should be a top priority for all facility managers. The Nation Fire Protection Association  provides the following six reasons for regularly test and inspect all fire alarm systems:

    1. Lives are at stake! Your fire alarm system will only operate properly if it is maintained and some impairments will not be obvious without testing!

    2. To meet the requirements of your local building department, fire inspectors, and even your insurance carrier.

    3. Your insurance carrier may reject your claim if you do not have proof of complete annual inspections.

    4. To limit your liability for any potential injuries suffered by tenants, employees, or guests to your business.

    5. To assure that the system does not create nuisance alarms that waste Fire Department resources. This could put others’ lives in jeopardy and many jurisdictions will  charge the building owner for multiple nuisance alarms.

    6. It is required by the National Fire Alarm Code! (NFPA 72)—- IT’S THE LAW”

    Please click here to be redirected to the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA-72) in its entirety. ESCO Communications understands this code and its requirements, and can provide a solution to ensure your systems are always operating efficiently. Contact us today and ask about our Service Sales team.