• North Adams Community Schools

  • A high school fire system detects a small fire.  The system goes into alarm and the county dispatch center is contacted.  The fire department responds the emergency call by rolling a truck to the school.  Time ticks while they prepare for the unexpected.  The firemen learn no details until they are on site, so quick decisions will be made.

    This scenario unfolded at Bellmont High School in Decatur, Ind.  The fire chief, Les Marckel, however, had detailed information before arriving at the building.  He was on the phone with Dale Bieberich, former North Adams Community Schools Buildings and Grounds Director.  Mr. Bieberich happened to be at his office desk computer and could see the exact location of the fire with a graphical software program.  ESCO Communications engineered and installed the system, called Fireworks.  Fireworks provides remote monitoring and control through a computer.  The fire at Bellmont was minor, but Chief Marckel says the availability of that detailed information was invaluable.

    Mr. Bieberich and Chief Marckel envisioned the usefulness of this technology resource at their dispatch center for all of the county schools.  ESCO Communications made it happen.  Believed to be the very first of its kind, Adams County Dispatch staff access graphical maps and images remotely from the fire and security camera systems at three county school districts.  This tool empowers fire and law enforcement with information before arriving.

    Funding for this project came through grants awarded to the Adams County Safety Commission.  In order to sustain this system into the future, other organizations and businesses will pay a small fee for access to this same service.

    ESCO is optimistic about the growth of Fireworks in Adams County and recognizes the significant opportunities across the state of Indiana.  ESCO’s technology integrates with equipment from multiple fire and security manufacturers.

    Mr. Bieberich is promoting Fireworks and recently spoke at the Decatur Chamber of Commerce.  The Decatur Daily Democrat newspaper highlights his presentation.