• Paging Systems in the Workplace

    April 26, 2018
  • Paging Systems in the Workplace

    True paging systems within the workplace have not always been a top priority.  Many organizations have relied on their phone system to allow for quick communication internally – or even messaging applications.  However, the needs have changed over the years.

    Over the course of my time here at ESCO Communications, there has been a steady increase in desire for mass-communication throughout the office environment.  With this increase in requests, there is a movement away from relying solely on a telephone system (for paging purposes) and relying more on a standard paging system for some of the following reasons:

    • Quicker access to make a page (emergent or non-emergent situation)
    • Easier automation of pages in the event of an emergency
      • i.e. Inclement weather, disgruntled former employee, etc.
    • Broader reach with one, quick page
      • Not all spaces/rooms have telephones
      • Warehouses certainly cannot rely solely on telephones
    • Versatility: Many requests for paging systems include the desire to
      • Zone certain areas
      • Play background music
      • Produce sound masking in open “bullpens” or other office environments

    ESCO can offer this solution in a customized manner to fit all of our customer’s needs.  Whether it is an emergency situation that you need immediate action and all necessary personnel notified, you need to page all employees at once (maybe an ice cream social?!) or need to page the accounting department only; ESCO has a customized solution to best fit your scenario.  Through the years, ESCO has observed, been educated on, and experienced the many variables one must consider to best provide a solution for the employees within an office environment. Some of these factors include:

    • Ambient noise: How much noise is produced on a consistent basis within your office space?
      • The paging system must reach a certain level above the ambient noise to allow for intelligible and effective sound to be produced
    • Acoustics of your office space
      • Do you have a newer, open-style bullpen style office space? If so, partitions of office spaces, flooring, wall makeup (painted, soft/hard, etc.), HVAC, ceiling makeup are all factors that must be considered within a paging system
    • How will it be utilized?
      • Do you need zoning down to the speaker, or large groups, or simply all-page only? These factors can steer the conversation one way or another
      • How many sources do you require? (i.e. page through phone system, utilize an auxiliary connection to play music, weather service, desktop microphone, etc.)

    The above factors are only a few of the many ESCO will walk through to provide a customized paging system solution for your working environment.  Whether complex and unique, or a simple all-page only system, ESCO can partner alongside you as you prepare to better communicate with your employees.