The Pike Performing Arts Center (PPAC), part of the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, located in northwest Indianapolis, first opened its doors in 1996. The venue boasts a 1,449-seat auditorium hosting local, regional, national and international performing arts organizations as well as Pike Township community and school district events. The center is known for performances ranging from classical music and rock concerts, to dance and theatrical presentations, and is a hub for entertainment for the whole family.

    After over 15 years of steady and varied facility usage, PPAC was faced with the challenge of seeking a cost-effective and quality-driven modern sound integration system to improve auditorium sound quality for both school district and touring artists’ performances. It became crucial to search for a partner who could provide a sound integration solution that was within their strict budget, but that allowed improvements in order to rectify sound degradation that was affecting performances and audience experiences. The Pike Performing Arts Center was forced to rent equipment at additional cost to provide touring artists with adequate sound reinforcement for their events. An initial search for possible system alternatives yielded only high-cost alternatives leaving Pike in a virtual holding pattern for a reasonable, yet highquality installation solution.

    As a longtime integrated communication project partner with Pike Township Schools, ESCO Communications was aware of the needs PPAC faced in upgrading their sound system and staying within the constraints of a limited budget. As a proactive partner, ESCO’s watchful eye on trending industry technologies presented the opportunity to utilize a solution offered by the BOSE® RoomMatch™ system and began the collaboration efforts to bring together BOSE and PPAC providing a solution that allowed PPAC to upgrade to the state-of-the-art BOSE sound system and allowing BOSE the ability to utilize PPAC

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