• Indiana State University: Hulman Center

  • In fall of 2013, ESCO Communications completed a pro-audio solution for the Indiana State University Hulman Center. The Hulman Center is a multi-purpose arena that seats a more than 10,000. In addition to multiple athletic events, the Hulman Center also hosts concerts, conferences, and ISU commencement ceremonies. With such an important role in the happenings of ISU, the Hulman Center was in need of an audio update, and ESCO was invited to offer a solution via an RFP.

    Rather than making changes to their current audio system, ISU opted to start from scratch. There was absolutely no re-use or manipulation of current equipment or cabling. In just a short period of time, ESCO was able to engineer and execute a completely new audio system that helped bring the ISU Hulman Center into the digital age of sound.

    With commencement around the corner, ESCO wanted to ensure that this project was completed quickly and efficiently. Combining our vast skillset and experience with the use of 3D acoustical space modeling software, ESCO was able to demonstrate clearly that our solution provided the best value to meet ISU’s performance needs. This type of presentation helped deliver assurance of performance before any investment was made. And when the time came to get started, it also helped ESCO create the logistics and mechanics of putting equipment in place in order to obtain the appropriate sound level, evenness of sound and intelligibility.

    Systems and equipment installed at the Hulman Center include:

    • JBL Line Array Loudspeakers
    • Crown I-Tech Amplifiers
    • Yamaha Digital Mixing Console
    • BSS Digital Signal Processors
    • Crestron Touch Screens
    • Wireless Control Capability via iPad Tablet

    As the prime contractor for this project, ESCO was able to complete everything from demolition of the old through installation and system setup of the new in just 25 work days. From start to finish, the system was delivered on-time, as expected, and with no additional costs.