• Security Assessments: Exposing Vulnerabilities and Creating Confidence

  • By: Spenser Roth, Account Executive

    The number one priority in any education system is safety of the students, faculty, and anyone on the premises. Yet, many are unaware of the countless number of threats that can occur, or simply become aware after an incident occurs. These threats can be situational, environmental, or even exposed liabilities. Without extensive training and experience, it is nearly impossible for an individual to identify the seemingly infinite amount of threats, vulnerabilities, and risk potential. In today’s environment, it is not viable to have a school’s safety system that is “Just OK” or “Incomplete”. This not only puts the district at risk, but also every single individual within the area.

    While tragic in nature, as a community we have seen these events happening far too often. Whether it is tornadoes ripping through several counties or an active shooter event, as seen in the Noblesville schools almost exactly a year ago. Being prepared is the most responsible thing a district can do. Preparedness in these events not only eliminates the time it takes to get into the needed procedures, but also can save lives.

    This is a topic ESCO Communications understands all too well. We are a company that excels in helping those who want to feel confident and safe, no matter how intense the situation. The first step to a complete and fortified system, is a Security Assessment. This is a complete safety guide conducted by our thoroughly trained Engineers. This assessment covers:

    • Video Surveillance (Exact locations and angles for optimal coverage)
    • Access Control
    • Panic/Duress Systems
    • Environmental Risks
    • Crime Rates
    • Frequency and Impact of Vulnerabilities/ Loss Events
    • Standard Procedures
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis
    • Suggested Tips from Engineers
    • & Much More

    A safety assessment will include an assortment of options and alternatives to solve all of these threats, risks, and exposures. Using this, a school district can then create a custom plan on how to address these events. We can also assist in the most strategic way to coordinate in a yearly layout for future planning. Once a plan is implemented, any school district and everyone within the district will feel infinitely safer.

    In regards to the approach used to properly analyze all methodologies, strategies, and report; ESCO will attack all situations head-on and leave nothing uncovered or incomplete. ESCO follows the ASIS International General Security Risk Assessment Guideline. As a broad overview, these are the seven critical steps we will take in order to ensure a complete and thorough Assessment:

    • Understand the organization and identify the people and assets at risk
    • Specify loss risk and vulnerabilities
    • Establish the probability of loss risk and frequency of events
    • Determine the impact of the event
    • Develop options to mitigate risks
    • Study the feasibility of implementation of options
    • Perform Cost/Benefit Analysis

    Through these steps we will put any district in a position to be not only comfortable, but confident in their system and plans for the future. We create these at an extremely custom level, and often times can add additional pieces, per request. Contact ESCO Communications to create a Security Assessment custom to your school or district. We also can help create a fully turn-key solution for any life safety project. As summer begins, there is no better time to create a plan that will leave students, faculty, and parents infinitely safer and less threatened.

    For reference: Please take a look at our Case Study on our Security Assessment performed for Marion General Hospital.