• Inspection Reports

  • ESCO will furnish an electronic copy and a web available report utilizing Building Reports, our state-of-the-art internet based inspection, testing, and maintenance software certifying that tests have been completed and documents any deficiencies found which may require corrective action.

    Building Reports is a system set up for Verifiable Results and Intelligent Reporting. The trained Technicians onsite will utilize a handheld scanner to scan in each device listed on the equipment list. This database of testing will be uploaded to the facility’s own portal in which they can access each and every report. Each device will be stamped with the real time of the inspections.

  • Testing Frequency

    The frequency of the Building Reports will mirror the frequency of the fire alarm inspections. The certified technicians will use the system every time to ensure 100% testing of the system.

    Building Reports Inspection Results 

    • ESCO will furnish a report certifying that such tests and inspections have been completed documenting any deficiencies found which may require corrective action.
    • This intelligent report system will provide comprehensive data and statistical analysis on every device the technician has inspected.
    • Each facility will have its own portal and only authorized viewers are allotted a log in. With this log in the customer can access their reports at any time, and these reports can be downloaded, emailed and are archived for the last 5 years.

    Components and parts on the Equipment List that have been found to be defective or have failed will be identified following each test or inspection. These will be listed in the report under devices that have “failed.” These will be easy to note and identify. The correction of these discrepancies will be at the standard billable rate unless otherwise noted.