• Southport United Methodist Church

  • As part of an extensive building remodeling project, which included a major updating of the primary worship space, ESCO Communications worked closely with the Church leadership and their chosen architect, engineer and general contractor in a design/build model to provide audio, visual and lighting systems. Considering modern contemporary worship styles with guitar driven rock music to traditional pipe organ and choir lead hymns, ESCO was enlisted to ensure that all worshippers would experience all components of each worship style.

    Work included designing a complete front of house audio system, an in-ear monitoring system for musicians and vocalists, a video distribution network utilizing large screen projection and flat panel monitors, a separate audio system for a large gathering area, information transport system (LAN and telephone cabling infrastructure) and a telephone system upgrade. The project also required integrating the new systems with some existing equipment.

    Rick Hajduke, Technology Director at the Church, is an experienced sound professional with over 30 years of experience in managing sound systems. He’s worked with a multitude of different vendors. With all his background in the business, Rick found ESCO to be the best. Like many projects, original plans had to be changed as the project was implemented. The unique situation at the Church meant that Rick was forced to change his plans half-way through the project as the infrastructure came together. While other vendors may have struggled to manage major changes this late in the game, ESCO handled it with ease: The final results of the project were a big success for Rick and the members and visitors of Southport United Methodist Church.