• The Time is Now to Start Videoconferencing

  • By: Adam Steury, CTS, DSCE, Business Development Executive

    Videoconferencing allows you to have a face-to-face meeting and it also eliminates travel for both parties. This technology was created years ago to improve meeting quality and it has done that exactly. Another caveat is the money it saves you and your organization by not having to drive or fly to meet with your customer or coworker (in another office).

    We all can attest to being on a phone call with someone and an email or text message comes in and your concentration on the person talking on the other line is lost… With videoconferencing, there is a sense of accountability, because you do not want the other party to feel like you are not paying attention to them.

    The time is NOW to start using Videoconferencing, if you have not already.

    As stated in an article from Telepresence Options (Videoconferencing Ups Productivity of Virtual Teams) …” studies show that people who use videoconferencing technology reported experiencing higher levels of collaboration on decisions reached by video conference compared to decisions made via phone call or email.” (Follow them on Twitter).

    “This research found the following about video-conferencing compared to collaborating via phone or email

    Delivered more productive meetings:

    • 70% of participants said they were more willing to engage in the discussion when video-conferencing;
    • 60% said being able to see other people, and share documents live, made the discussion more open

    Improved team spirit:

    • 81% of participants said that, on phone and email, the task felt divided rather than united – whereas video-conferencing delivered genuine collaboration
    • 74% felt that decisions reached through video-conferencing felt more like joint decisions than those reached via phone/email

    Made communication clearer

    • 79% of participants said communication on video-conferencing was more effective because being able to see others enabled them to concentrate for longer” (Telepresence Options)

    In summary, here are some examples that may help you or your team transition to videoconferencing:

    • Next time you are on a phone call with a client or colleague; think of how much better it would be if you could see the person you were talking to as well as any content you are discussing.
    • Research videoconferencing solutions (Zoom, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Join.me, TeamViewer etc.)
    • Establish your needs and setup a budget in order to fulfill your needs.
    • Setup product Demo’s with Integrators.

    ESCO Communications can evaluate your videoconferencing needs and get a game plan together with you. Contact us today, we are here to help!