• The Workplace of Tomorrow: Changes in Technology for a Mobile Workforce

    April 18, 2018
  • ESCO Communications recently attended One Zone Chamber’s panel discussion on the topic, The Workplace of Tomorrow: Less Office, More Space.  The question was asked, “What will the office of tomorrow look like?”

    With the evolution of a mobile workforce, a more dynamic workforce is becoming a new standard for many organizations. Stemming from the growing number of millennial’s and the Z Generation joining the professional world, one could say the times are changing. Office cubicles are becoming outdated, and open space concepts are becoming more common.

    You may be asking; how can my organization bridge the gap to accommodate these types of requests? In short, the term Collaborative Spaces is a great first step (think huddle spaces, private phone spaces, etc.) This type of solution can offer flexible work space and collaborative experiences for your employees.

    These types of workforce changes can also drive the need for speech privacy and staff safety solutions. Here at ESCO Communications, we specialize in creating customized solutions for you. As technologies and workforce dynamics change, we continue to advance right along with them. Contact ESCO today to learn more about our Collaborative and Safety Solutions!