• Trine University Case Study

  • The Challenge

    Trine University was tasked with finding a qualified and respected systems integrator partner that could help design and install equipment for two new integral facilities on campus. The first facility, Thunder Ice Arena, is a 46,200-square foot facility that is a NCAA and ADA-compliant ice rink, home to Trine University’s men’s and women’s hockey teams. The arena was in need of a cost-effective and high-quality sound system and remote streaming capabilities for the newly built space.

    The second facility, the MTI Center, is Trine’s new 74,840-square-foot athletic and event center. Completed in 2018, The MTI Center is home to men’s and women’s basketball, bowling, and E-sports. The facility also houses a fitness center, golf pro shop, banquet room, training room, Athletic Hall of Fame, and alumni suite. Each facility required customized solutions and Trine was tasked with finding a partner that could facilitate this within budget, and without compromising initial thought and design.

    The ESCO Solution

    After reviewing various high-cost proposals, Trine contacted ESCO Communications. Trine’s vision began on a simple whiteboard. As a proactive partner, with an incredible eye for detail, ESCO brought a team of designers and engineers to discuss this vision, and to showcase customized solutions, all while staying within budget. The contract was awarded to ESCO.

    Trine University was challenged with not only a limited budget, but also a tight timeline. Once the contract was awarded and ESCO formalized the implementation plan, ESCO had three months to integrate the MTI Center and six months to integrate the Thunder Ice Arena. The general systems ESCO provided within the multiple facilities included an Arena Sound System, AV Solutions, and live streaming. In the MTI Center, it was vital for the live streaming functionality to be user-friendly and allow someone with no knowledge on the system, to be able to quickly learn and manage it. ESCO thoughtfully designed and effectively delivered a system that simply became intuitive for any user.


    The systems provided by ESCO Communications in the multi-faceted facilities help bring to life what has become a student and community-driven space for years to come. Additionally, the result of this successful collaboration has extended beyond the solutions ESCO provided alone, specifically in regard to the live streaming functionality within the MTI Center. The live streaming functionality ESCO designed and installed allows Trine University to broadcast any sport or educational activity in the future. Running on the backbone of ESCO’s design, Trine has internally taken action by creating the Trine Broadcasting Network. Housed in their Communications program, Trine can now offer a real-world experience for students, as curriculum is being designed around the hardware and design that ESCO provided. ESCO’s solutions has helped create a success story that allows students to be more prepared for the workplace upon leaving Trine—an added bonus that aligns perfectly with Trine University’s mission.

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