• Unplanned Fire Alarms: Guidance for Schools

  • Recently a letter was sent out from the Indiana State Fire Marshal to inform school administrators, teachers, and students regarding options available during an unplanned fire alarm. As stated in the letter, fire alarms have recently been used to lure students and teachers out into the open during active shooter incidents instead of being used to save lives as intended.

    The letter provides guidance for what would be an appropriate response during an unplanned fire alarm in a school building. One of the additional options and considerations refers to the removal of pull stations.

    As a provider of school safety, we want to reaffirm the letter’s statement regarding pull stations. While the letter suggests pull stations can be removed, the letter also states that it must also be in compliance with fire code.

    Every school is unique, with no “one size fits all” solution. Should your school decide to make adjustments to your guidelines in case of an unplanned fire alarm event, we recommend schools to be evaluated individually, to ensure any adjustment is still in compliance with fire code. If your school has questions, please contact us as we would be happy to assist you or even provide an estimate for your next step!