• Using PASS Guidelines to Protect your School District

  • By: Adam Steury, CTS, DSCE, Business Development Executive

    In 2015, the first edition of the Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools was released by PASS K-12 to help schools evaluate their current security infrastructure, prioritize investments, and maximize security through available resources. They identify and classify best practices for securing K-12 facilities.

    Some of you may ask, “How do I use these principles to best secure my school district?” Below you will find a few easy steps to get you heading in the right direction:

    • Step 1: Visit PASS K-12 online: under the Guidelines & Resources tab download the School Security Checklist.
    • Step 2: Select a team (committee) within your school district to review your current layers of protection by filling out the Checklist.
    • Step 3: Identify the status of each security component in place and use the PASS School Safety and Security Guidelines to improve your current situation in order to deter, detect or delay any combative behaviors in the event of an emergency.
    • Step 4: Contact a local integrator to help you improve your district-wide security platform.
    • Step 5: Apply for Grants and Bonds to help fund your security measures. The PASS Guidelines will help you strengthen these proposals.


    Jeremy Gulley, Superintendent at Jay School Corporation, for example, used the PASS guidelines to install a game plan that would secure the students, staff and community of Jay County.

    “The PASS guidelines simplified our school security decision-making and gave us confidence that we were committing our limited resources in the most effective way. This is the most precise framework I have seen anywhere.” – Jeremy Gulley.

    Mike Harmon, Chief Sales & Marketing Office, ESCO Communications & NSCA PASS Steering Committee Director added,

    “ESCO Communications is proud to be partnering with Jay School Corporation on their Security Systems initiative. It is great to see schools in our area being committed to providing the safest environment possible for their students. Additionally, as a Steering Committee Director for NSCA’s PASS (Partner Alliance for Safe Schools), I am very encouraged to see Jay County using the PASS Guidelines for the basis of the security program. Using these guidelines will assist school systems to deploy a holistic, district wide, layered/tiered plan as well as allowing them to use their finite resources most effectively.”

    ESCO can assist on system-wide security assessments using PASS as our guidelines. Contact us today to learn more! To view PASS K-12’s guidelines and resources visit here.

    ESCO Communications is a proud endorsing integrator for PASS. PASS was born out of concern and commitment for school safety. As a provider of safety and security solutions, the safety of our children in schools has been a core concern and topic of conversation.